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Lecce in Salento, Puglia

Lecce, known as the “Southern Florence”, is the key center of the architectural current named “Barocco Leccese” as it’s testified by the elaborate and garish decoration of many buildings and monuments in the town.

Lecce is also considered the “paper-mache capital”. This kind of art based on poor materials reached there its peak and it is still thriving. It is possible to watch the works of the talented local craftsmen at the “Paper-Mache Museum”.

A walk in the charming historical center is a chance to see the beautiful churches of the town (as well as the famous Cathedral, the unmissable Church of San Nicolò and Cataldo, the Basilica di Santa Croce and Santa Maria di Cerrate Abbey) but also to taste some of the delicious specialties of the local gastronomy: the “puccia”, the “municeddhe” or little snails, and the “pasticciotto leccese”, a cake served rigorously hot.

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