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Muravera and the beach of Costa Rei

he Medieval town of Muravera is the main tourist centre of Sarrabus, thanks mainly to its famous coastline, which during the summer season increases its population staggeringly. It rises on the edge of the alluvial plain of Flumendosa. Of particular interest in the populated area is the church of San Nicola with its late gothic chapels dating as far back as the XV and XVI century. The land however, conserves important archaeological evidence like the megalithic complexes of Piscina Rei and Cuili Piras with their numerous Menhirs. They are monoliths, which, it is assumed, constitute a sort of calendar of stones to identify the seasonal and lunar cycles. The three Spanish towers of Capo Ferrato, Saline and Dieci Cavalli, on the other hand, undoubtedly date back to historical times when they were indispensable for the defence of the coast from the plundering of pirates.

The most desirable destination for tourists from all over the world is definitely the resort of Costa Rei. A long stretch of sand of over 7 km which, depending on the various points of access takes the names of Capo Picci beach, Colostri, Feraxi and Mimose al Mare.

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