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As always Malé represents the administrative and economical centre of the Val di Sole. Seat of the C7 District, Malé lies on the north-eastern fringe of the flat moraine terrace characteristic of the mid Val di Sole, about forty metres above the valley bottom of the Noce. The small village with a modern trait, subjected to the disastrous fire of 1895, is characterised by numerous squares which bear witness to the centuries old commercial and administrative development. Much appreciated as a holiday centre, Malé has amongst its predominant economic activities handicraft and trade, next to agriculture and farming, with the celebrated Autumn exhibition market of San Matteo; furthermore, in Malé there is the only industrial area of the whole valley. Finally and of great importance are its associational presences: Malé is seat of many sports and cultural associations, including the Val di Sole Centre of Studies, and civil defence such as the voluntary Fire Brigade.

Housed in the rooms on the ground floor of an old Austrian barracks there is the Museum of the Solandra Civilisation, created by the Centre of Studies for the Val di Sole. Opened in 1979 and extended in 1983, it presents a permanent exhibition of objects relating to the farming society of the last centuries. Implements, tools and utensils are displayed in sections: means of livelihood (farming, milk processing, lumber); handicraft (carpentry, blacksmith, coppersmith, cobbler); weaving and spinning. Careful attention has been given to the reconstruction of two areas of the Solandra house: the kitchen and the bedroom. The “Bresadola” section is of particular interest, dedicated to the famous mycologist of OrtisèGiacomo Bresadola (1847-1929), “the priest of mushrooms”.

On the borders of the town, in direction of the hiking locality of Regazzini, it is possible to visit the “Venetian sawmill”: a splendid structure of 1770, recently renovated and on concession from the Municipality, it is used for small jobs of sawmilling and above all for educational activities, since it is valuable evidence of the mountain people’s culture.

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