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Valcamonica...reminiscent of glaciers and snowy passes

The Valle Camonica is full of characteristic areas waiting to be discovered. Places not to be missed are the parks and the rock engravings, a precious heritage under the protection of UNESCO which has its centre in Capo di Ponte. They are engravings which tell the story of its first inhabitants, the Camuni. The food and wine of Valcamonica offer interesting proposals in the world of taste, specialities with an antique flavour and a reminder of the products and activities of the mountain. Amongst the dishes worthy of a mention are the Casoncelli, the maize or buckwheat flour polenta which is the classical accompaniment for many second courses, the excellent resources of chestnuts, various cheeses produced in the mountains, different types of grappa and the spirits and herbal liqueurs made with herbs from the mountains, of which the famous Genepì is very traditional.

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