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Torre Ovo and Torricella in Salento, Puglia

Torre Ovo, seaside village of Torricella, is one of the most beautiful location in the northern Salento. It’s known, certainly for its coasts and beaches, but as well as for its beauties hidden in the deeps of the sea and for a kitchen rich in tradition. In the village there are many restaurants, bars and shops.

Torricella, small town 30 km far from Taranto, born around the XI century when a community of farmers and shepherds abandoned the coast where the invasions of Saracens were raging. Today the town grows around the massive castle with five towers, which was built in the Aragonese period (XV century) and was renovated many times. The surroundings are rich in olive trees, cultivation of wheat and figs. The sheep breeding is still thriving.

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