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The town of Castiadas, though not directly on the sea, is characterised by 13 km of coastline amongst the most delightful of all Sardinia starting at the south of Costa Rei, with the famous beach of Santa Giusta, known for its large and very particular rock formation which embellishes its waters and is known by the name of "Scoglio di Peppino". Continuing along the coast you will encounter the " Sant'Elmo Bay", the golden beach of San Pietro noted also by the name of Cala della Marina and then Cala Sìnzias and finally Cala Pira with its eighteenth century tower.

Castiadas is not only sea given that its territory comprises the park of “Sette Fratelli del Monte Genis” with its numerous springs and streams enriching this land even more. As evidence of notable interest this area has aroused since remote times, there remain traces of human presence from the Nuragic period such as the nuraghe (conical shaped dwellings typical of Sardinia), the tombs of the giants, “domus de janas”(house of the fairies or witches) and menhirs. Also worthy of a mention is the megalithic complex of over 50 menhirs (monoliths) of Cuili Piras and the Sa Domu de S'Orcu nuraghe in the vicinity of Santa Giusta.

The most well-known beaches are those of Santa Giusta, noted for the "scoglio di Peppino", with its characteristic tortoise shape, and then the long coastline of Sant'Elmo, Cala della Marina, Cala Sinzias and finally Cala Pira. The beach of Cala Sinzias is an enchanting bay of fine sand amongst the most beautiful of Sardinia, which together with its beautiful turquoise waters, create the perfect atmosphere for a relaxing carefree time. For snorkelling enthusiasts it is the ideal spot given the variety of its sea floor; as well as for lovers of surfing or for those who simply love the sea with its clear and uncontaminated waters.

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