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Val di Sole...a location with impressive and majestic settings

Surrounded by some of the most famous mountain ranges of the Alpine chain (Brenta Dolomites, Adamello-Presanella and Ortles – Cevedale), Val di Sole is the most widespread ski resort of east Trentino. With its winter resorts of Folgarida - MarillevaPeio and Passo Tonale it offers pistes of all levels of difficulty for skiers and snowboarders.

But Val di Sole is not only for downhill skiing. If your preference to the thrill of speed is the peace and tranquillity of snowy villages, Val di Sole offers various opportunities forcross-country skiing, ski touring, excursions with snow shoes and Nordic walking as well as various alternatives to skiing and numerous after ski activities.

The Stelvio National Park to the north and the Adamello Brenta Natural Park to the south make the Val di Sole a territory surrounded by nature, where more than a third of the surface is consecrated as a protected area and where you can breathe the air of an uncontaminated environment. The Stelvio National Park evolves around the Ortles-Cevedale group and represents the largest protected area of the whole Alpine chain. With an abundance of various trees, flowers and minerals, the Park protects numerous animal species, including stags, chamois, hare, marmots, ermine, golden eagles and bearded vultures, as well as a rich variety of plantsflowers and minerals. To see all this close up is very easy! It’s enough to take part in the excursions organised by the Park Guides. The Adamello Brenta Natural Park, while less extensive, is just as valuable for its environmental qualities and is also known as the only Alpine region where the bear survives; its flora and fauna varieties are numerous and its mountains, theDolomites, are a unique attraction, to the extent that they have been recognised as a World Heritage Site. There are numerous activities and excursions that the Park organises to convey the attraction of its landscape.

The Val di Sole comprises about 100 lakes: some solitary, others grouped together. In the majority of cases they are just small pools of water, still as fascinating however and a source of peace and tranquillity. The major concentration of these Alpine lakes is the Ortles - Cevedale Group, between the valleys of Peio and Rabbi, in a fascinating and unique scenario. The Noce river rises close to the “Corno dei Tre Signori” (3360 m), in the Ortles-Cevedale Group and, after having crossed the entire valley, it flows into the Lake of Santa Giustina. On the Noce river you can carry out various activities, each one offering a particular perspective to appreciate the fascination of the river and the landscape it crosses.

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