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The tourist resort of Livigno, well-known internationally and nicknamed "little Tibet", lies in the centre of the Rhaetia Alps, between the Stelvio and Bernina passes, in a region where, in the most sunny parts it has been inhabited since remote times. Subsequently, the settlements moved to the plain along the valley where the Spöl torrent passes through and the village developed into a long line of wooden houses. Livigno has enjoyed the tax free benefits since the times of Napoleon and today it is one of the few "tax-free" zones of Europe, a genuine shopping capital. During the winter season from November to May, the ski lifts are in the forefront and the ski slopes are always exceptional. During the summer it is a favoured destination for trips and excursions. There is a rich calendar of events and manifestations throughout the year. Its vicinity to St. Moritz is an invitation to take a visit there.

Places of interest: Ski-area Livigno, Mottolino and Carosello 3000 – Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary, Sant’Antonio, San Rocco - Trepalle, the highest parish of Europe - Vallaccia, Val Federia, Val Forcola, Val Vago, Valley of the Mines, Val Nera, Val Alpisella, Valle del Monte, Val Pila – Livigno Lake – Walking and cycle paths - Mountain Bike trails.

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