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The area of Tirano is an authentic casket of flavours: the apples from the valley bottom, the terraced vineyards on the northern slope, numerous producers of bresaola, wine producers, fruit and vegetable cooperatives.

Strolling through the streets of Tirano means breathing in its history, even the most remote corners hide some fascinating recollections of past times.

The piazza of Madonna di Tirano is home to the homonymous Sanctuary, an example of great Renaissance elegance, built in the 1500’s after the vision of the Virgin to Mario Omodei; a square with ancient history, where you can still find the antiquehospice of San Michele a reminder of the great international fairs which were brought to life in 1500.

Tirano is remembered as a historic way of transit due to the presence of three antique Gateways ordered by Ludovico il Moro as a form of defence for the town: MilanesePoschiavina and Bormina, inside which you can still savour the art of the historic centre, characterised by important buildings such as Salis, Merizzi, Quadrio, Visconti Venosta, Lambertenghi, all in the vicinity of the San Martino Parish.

Its vicinity to reminiscent locations such as the historic Roncaiola, Trivigno and Baruffini make it possible to take unforgettable excursions on foot or by mountain bike, while the presence of the Retica Railway station invites you to take a journey on board the famous Bernina Express Red Train, part of the Unesco Heritage, to the elegant town of Saint Moritz.

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