Regulations for pets

Regulations for pets

Saint Jane Hotels & Suites welcomes only small pets, weighing no more than 8 kilograms, who stay with their owners.
Only in the following facilities:











In order to guarantee a comfortable stay for all guests, we have developed the following regulations – in accordance with the main regulations in force and the needs of civil coexistence – which we kindly ask you to read carefully.
Pets must be in good health and, in particular, be vaccinated, proof of which is to be shown at the simple request of the booking agents and hotel staff.
Animals are not allowed to enter or remain in areas where food and drink are served. Thus, pets may not access restaurants, bars, terraces or any areas where there are food and beverage distributors, no matter if they are indoor premises or outdoor areas.
It is forbidden to access and remain in common areas such as the beach areas and/or areas equipped with sun loungers or deckchairs, beaches, swimming pools, wherever mini-clubs and/or junior clubs and/or entertainment activities are carried out, children’s play areas, wellness centres, multi-purpose sports fields, conference halls and surrounding areas or ski and sports equipment depots.
Animals are allowed to travel through the other common areas provided that they are always accompanied and are kept on a leash at all times.
Pet owners are responsible for any damages, claims for damages, costs and expenses (including legal fees) for personal injuries and/or damages and/or soiling deriving from the behaviour of the animal.
Pet owners must also undertake to remove any excrements of their animals from the areas within the accommodation facility. As such, pet owners will be given suitable plastic bags and pallets for such purpose.
Pets are allowed only after the payment of the supplement shown on the price list for each accommodation facility.

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