At the heart of our mission is a burning passion for everyone’s well-being and quality of life.
We dedicate our heart and soul to transforming your holiday into an experience of unprecedented sustainability and beauty.
Imagine a holiday that becomes an act of love for the natural wonders and rich cultural heritage of each destination. A holiday where the main tourist attractions are the magnificence of the flora and the extraordinary variety of fauna, celebrating and preserving each delicate ecosystem.
This is our bold choice, our deep commitment, and we want to share it with you. Your experience is at the heart of our universe. We work hard to make your holiday truly unique and memorable.

Maximum recycling, constant awareness-raising and an endless love for our planet.

Some numbers for our hotel throughout 2023:


A reduction of 300,000 plastic cups


200,000 fewer plastic straws


Over 100,000 plastic bottles were replaced with sustainable solutions

The new collection courtesy line

D-Planet is the new completely plastic-free cosmetic project, which lives in harmony with the environment. Thanks to highly-sustainable formulas, these precious solid cosmetics are designed to be eco-friendly solutions for a plastic-free future.
Not only that, these small creations are made without the use of water and preservatives, for the good of the environment and the human being.
Allegrini’s most inspired experience is therefore gathered in this new ethical, vegan product, made with oils and vegetable ingredients wrapped in recyclable paper packaging.
The ingredients, fragrances and packaging to choose for a pleasure that can be completely branded to give exclusive and enveloping sensations.


Do not disturb the planet.
A delicate revolution in the shape of a droplet and the value of an entire planet. The smallest creation by Allegrini becomes the most powerful recipe. Purify body and nature, together so as not to disturb the planet.

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