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Hotel Sant Anton
Hotel Sant Anton

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Wellness eliminate stress and regenerate yourself

Kneipp Programme

Stimulates blood circulation through alternating hot and cold water. Special stones massage the soles of your feet, consequently reenergising all areas of your body.


Contributes in helping physical and mental relaxation, it encourages the elimination of toxins, activates skin cell metabolism and helps to maintain a fresh, healthy and relaxed complexion.


A hydrotherapic massage under a "starry sky" ideal for all areas of the body thanks to the infinite air bubbles. Besides producing an intense sensation of wellbeing and relaxation, it is also beneficial for alleviating joint pain, for muscle relaxation and to improve blood circulation.

Relaxation Area

You can read and sip a herbal tea in peace and quiet with chromatic sequenced lighting.

Massage room

A massage for dedicating time to yourself...Upon appointment, you can find various types of beneficial massage, for embracing your senses, in warm and comfortable surroundings with subtle lighting.


The pleasure of spending precious moments together...only for two. An unforgettable surprise followed by an excellent massage in a relaxation area with Jacuzzi and multi-sensory shower reserved just for you.


Pleasant and beneficial at any time of the year: during the winter to prevent the discomforts of a cold while relieving muscle pain, and in the summer to lower body temperature giving a cooling sensation.

Multi-sensory shower

Much more than just a simple shower, it is a mini wellness programme which combines colours and aromas to the beneficial effects of hot and cold water jets.

Fidelity Program
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